With our English teacher Ms. Cristina, we have studied the colour wheel and colours.

We have learnt many new words related to colours;  PRIMARY, SECONDARY, TERTIARY, COMPLIMENTARY, ANALOGOUS, INTERMEDIATE, WARM, COOL and many others.

We have also learnt that colours can make you feel happy or sad, scared or calm, angry and nervous and a lot more.

We have seen that looking at a colour scheme you can imagine different things; looking at blues and greens many of my class mates imagined beautiful lakes and rivers or hills and fields, looking at reds and oranges we imagined fires or sunsets, some imagined food or drinks and the more creative ones imagined monsters and supernatural creatures!

We also discovered that looking at different colour schemes we were brought to think of different tastes; yellows and greens made us think of  ‘sour’ or ‘bitter’ or ‘acid’ or ‘salty’ while pinks and oranges made us think of ‘sweet’, reds make most of us think of ‘hot’ and ‘spicy’.

At the end of our project we all looked at famous paintings and we described them in what they represent but also in what the different colours used and the sensation they gave us.

We then put together our English corner in class of which I have taken photos that you can see .

We enjoyed this project and are looking forward to the next!

Stay tuned!!!

                                                                                                  by Lorenzo Caccia

 Associazione Culturale "In Puero Spes " Cod. Fisc. 97907030585

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