English can be taught through many subjects and projects.


The fifth grades were studying the circle in Geometry with their Maths teacher so we thought why not learn something about the circle in English too! And what better than starting with PI!

Did you know that Pi day is celebrated in the mathematical world once a year?

Did you know that there are many ‘coincidences’ related to Pi?

Well this is what our fifth graders learnt!

PI is the mathematical constant used in calculating aspects of the circle.

It is celebrated on March 14th …..why? Because Pi is 3,14 and in the American date format  3 is the month of March and 14 is day!

Pi is also pronounced in the same way as Pie (cake) so on March 14th many pies are baked and eaten to celebrate the constant.

Besides if you take pi (3,14) and you put in up against a mirror….this is what you get… The word PIE!

And you never guess who was born on March 14th ….Albert Einstein!

Kids from the fifth grade found everything so interesting that they decided to divide themselves into groups and create their own PI or PIE day posters.

We then choose a jury (amongst the fourth grades) and the best poster won a prize…..(circle shaped rubbers!)

Here are a few photos of the kids whilst preparing their posters and of the winners!




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