20th March 2017

Today the results came through for the competition held back in February.

Every single participant did an excellent job and they all managed to achieve a position within the first 300 kids. In total there were over 2500 participants of the same age range throughout Italy, so big compliments to all!! Two of our students managed to pass onto the Semifinals, Carlotta Carraro from VA and Federico Frezza from VB.

Carlotta, in particular, did an excellent job achieving pole position throughout Italy!!!!  So ‘ Well done Carlotta!!’ Next step 4TH April for the Semifinals.

4TH April 2017

Today our two semi finalist took the exams at the British Council, both Federico and Carlotta were very enthusiastic about the whole process, though a slight worried look came across their little faces when they were called to start!

On finishing both our little students said that they had found the exam papers easy to follow so they were blooming with happiness. Next step Finals…..Fingers crossed!!!!

22ND April 2017

Today the results came through with the list of Finalists. Carlotta Carraro was one of them!!! A great big round of applause goes to Carlotta who did extremely well getting only one question wrong on a total of 50!!! Her timing was great too. She had completed everything in 31 minutes …nearly answering two questions a minute. So Mirabilandia is assured …..Here we come!!!!! And once more Well Done Carlotta.

So here we all are at Mirabilandia, enjoying the amusement park, the sunshine and the ‘piadine romagnole’ !

Carlotta is not at all nervous about the various phases of the exam itself, which we have just found out to be computer based and it will follow the entire Cambridge KET exam in all its abilities. ( speaking, reading & writing and listening).

Three days in all going from exam rooms to amusement park, having, though always loads of fun.

Carlotta made many new friends and did exceptionally well, I’m sure, in all the abilities.

The results ought to come through by the 12th June.

So let’s keep our fingers all crossed for CARLOTTA.!!!

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