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The ghost on 57th street

By Charlotte Gentile

Lucy, Ralph, Marty, and Violet were an inseparable team. Lucy was dressed as a pumpkin that night. Ralph was dressed as a zombie, Marty was dressed as a skeleton, and Violet was dressed like a violet. They met on Halloween night to trash the park on 57th street. They had a whole bucket full of toilet paper, slime, and pumpkin guts. The park was old and broken down and no one dared to step foot in it, especially on Halloween night. In fact, no one even lived on 57th street because they were all scared of the park. Suddenly, they saw an old man wearing a black shirt with holes in it and a ripped cardigan. He was crossing the street and without moving his lips, he turned his head 360° and said: “No one dares to step foot in the park, yet it’s more crowded than Noah’s ark, something off about this place, leave now or this adventure will end in a disgrace.” Nevertheless, the kids were not scared. They have been waiting all year for this; they were not going to waste it on some old man who believes in ghosts. He was probably just one of the maintenance people, who made sure the park was not broken, and did not want the park to get dirty so he would not have to clean up.

The squad completely ignored what the old man said and started trashing the park. They threw toilet paper everywhere, they attached chewed gum on the swings, and they squished pumpkin guts on the floor. In the middle of nowhere, a ghost approached them. It was a little ghost, kind of like Casper. Ralph went up to him and said, “This is the ghost of the park? Please, he wouldn’t hurt a fly!” The ghost started wailing. He sounded like a siren; he was bursting the kids’ ears. Then, out from the ground came its mother and father. They were nothing like him. They were ginormous and terrifying, and they, I can assure you, would hurt a fly. They would even hurt thousands of flies if they knew that their baby was in trouble. Lucy was so terrified she could not think of a sentence. All she said was “ghost, terrified, RUN!” Therefore, they ran, and ran, and ran until they could not see the ghosts any longer. But, little did they know, that they were cursed with bad luck for all eternity.

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