With the arrival of Christmas, we thought it a great idea to take the children to the theatre and what better occasion to see A Christmas Carol.

The children were shown the film first, and many classroom activities were done. They all had a clear idea about what the story was about and what the different characters were like; The old, mean, selfish, stingy Scrooge and the warm- hearted, hard-working and poor Bob Cratchit.

The three ghosts: Present, Past and Yet to be were the kid’s favourite, though the Ghost of Yet to be did incur fear to some!

The play at the theatre was absolutely fantastic, excellent language, simple and clear. Only four actors on the stage who played the different roles. Plain scenery was used and very few special effects.

Some kids were also called on the stage to act; Scrooge as a little boy and Scrooge’s sister when they were young, together with the Ghost of the Past.

At the end of the play the kids also had the opportunity to meet the actors and ask questions.

Everyone enjoyed the experience and had fun.

Hope you enjoy the photos taken at the theatre and some of the activities done in class.

By Teacher Cristina Arpino

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